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5 Great Coats/Jackets

November 28, 2007



1. The first coat is by Marni, is collarless and has got a fabulous little skinny belt that adds some sparkle to the coat. Doesn’t this look fabulous? I think this will work so well over your little sweater-jeans combo that you just know you want to wear. Alternatively, this looks so beautiful as a dress on its own too.

2. This second coat is also by Marni, and features a collarless round neck, shearling cuffs and a buckle belt that pulls it in. What a great coat to be running around town with! This would look so fabulous over those super skinny Acne jeans and your Stella McCartney cashmere sweater tunic and those Lanvin heels you’ve kept at the bottom of your wardrobe, no?


3. This third navy coat is by one of my favourite designers – none other than Marc Jacobs (although we don’t know what was going through his mind when he came up with THOSE Louis Vuitton atrocities last year). This has got a large collar and lapels, and leads to a single button fastening. It’s called a Shadow Coat, and deserves its name as this is a fabulous 3-D coat. It’s a work of art! The sleeves are short and capped, making it so major over a simple dress of any bright neon colour that was featured heavily in Prada Spring/Summer 07 – you see, it’s good to mix and match along the seasons!


4. Be the centre of attraction with this red Lanvin jacket and a belt and bell shaped sleeves. It’s so difficult to carry these sleeve-shape off. Here’s a tip. Those who are tall and of a slimmer build will have a much easier time carrying this off. The skinny black patent belt sits high on the waist and and bell sleeves reach the elbow. How do you wear this, otherwise, difficult to wear jacket? Simple, I say. Wear it with a simple T-shirt inside – by The Row, super skinny jeans by Ksubi and those Christian Louboutin black patent pumps to match the red soles to your new jacket.


5. Less is more with Derek Lam’s Hounds tooth trim bolero. An easy way to keep a little warmer when wearing your super chic party Alaia dress with those fabulous black Jimmy Choos still tucked away in its purple box.

Stay tuned as I bring to you more ideas and ways to spice up your holiday wardrobe. Up next, probably a beauty count-down to Christmas!!


Louis Vuitton – Damier Azur Keepall 50

May 7, 2007


I’ve mentioned about the Damier Azur Keepall 45, but it doesn’t exist.. The SA at Harrods lied to me! Anyways, I bought this Damier Azur Keepall50 last Saturday at the Sloane Street store. I must admit that I didn’t know how to carry this supposedly-luggage piece for everyday use. When in the store, I was carrying my Balenciaga Extra Courier, and i thought “Hey, why not compare the size?“. I did, and it turned out that the Keepall 50 is almost the same size with the Extra Courier, except that the Balenciaga piece is made of distressed goat leather and doesn’t stand up when nothing is in it. The Keepall, however, stands up right without anything in it. I never really like the monogram, but this refreshing take on the Damier has struck a chord in my heart. This bag has got a luggage tag (which I will have it hot stamped), and the LV lock. It’s got lovely gold hardware, and makes the whole bag pop. I will use it for everyday, and I think I can pull it off with my height.. (I’m about 184cm)

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Louis Vuitton – Damier Azur Keepall 45

May 3, 2007

Credit: TexasGirl, tpf

^Note: The keepall is much bigger than this and has got 2 leather panels going down the body of the bag that starts from just below the handles.

I admit that I don’t exactly adore Louis Vuitton. I find the monogram a little bit much at times. But there are a couple of lines that I quite like. For example, Damier, Damier Azur, Epi, Suhali, Utah, and the Nomade lines. Anyways, I’ve been looking for a nice weekend/gym bag that I can even use everyday for quite some time now. When I was in Harrods last week, I popped by LV with MissT and saw this almost normal sized keepall beside the monogram madness. I pulled it down from the rack and was immediately smitten by the bag. I’ve got a soft spot for the Damier line – my second designer item and first LV item was a Damier 6-card Billfold. The bag was fairly large, but not ridiculously huge. The size was sensible. The colour of the bag was wonderful – the Damier Azur was gorgeous in real life, and the light cowhide trim of the bag looked fabulous. It does come with a useful strap that one can sling across the body easily. There even is a tiny lock that can keep your things secure!


Balenciaga – Extra Courier

April 20, 2007


(I don’t know how to resize pics. I need help. Anyone who can help? Please do!!)

Isn’t this bag gorgeous? Full black leather and the leather’s distressed. Gorgeous, isn’t it? I never really bought into black bags ‘cos I like mixing up my outfit colours, but I’m loving this versatile Balenciaga. I’ve posted about this bag before if you click on the Balenciaga tag on the right. It’s a pretty huge bag, but I figure that it can store all of my essentials in it, namely my Prada pencil case, Prada coin/card pouch, LV Damier billfold, ipod, ipod headphones, Evian bottle of water, sunniesĀ and my clear files of notes. I guess the oversized bag will work well for the years to come. Some how, I’m quite enticed by this bag. I saw it a couple of months ago, and I think I want it. NOW.

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Louis Vuitton – Dentelle Kristen bag

April 15, 2007


When I first saw this line, the first thing that struck me was that it was hideous. Now that I see it more and more, my impression of it hasn’t changed. It IS awful. Hideous. Atrocious. Horrifying. Puke-inducing. The LV monogram is already too much for me to handle. And now you’ve got LACE on top of the already-too-much monogram? Marc JACOBS! Gah! This bag is awful. Look at the clasp and the lace above the clasp! It reminds me of the 20 year old lace table runner at the back of the storeroom at home. And don’t get me started on the gold chain stuff. Hmm, Marc was sensible enough to name this hideous bag after another hideous actress – Kristen Dunst. Puke. I don’t even want to mention her name. Her face is so awful, I want to die everytime I see her.

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