Balenciaga – Extra Courier

April 20, 2007


(I don’t know how to resize pics. I need help. Anyone who can help? Please do!!)

Isn’t this bag gorgeous? Full black leather and the leather’s distressed. Gorgeous, isn’t it? I never really bought into black bags ‘cos I like mixing up my outfit colours, but I’m loving this versatile Balenciaga. I’ve posted about this bag before if you click on the Balenciaga tag on the right. It’s a pretty huge bag, but I figure that it can store all of my essentials in it, namely my Prada pencil case, Prada coin/card pouch, LV Damier billfold, ipod, ipod headphones, Evian bottle of water, sunnies and my clear files of notes. I guess the oversized bag will work well for the years to come. Some how, I’m quite enticed by this bag. I saw it a couple of months ago, and I think I want it. NOW.

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  1. I prefer the weekender over this. The extra courier just kind of sags if you don’t stuff it like they do in the pic.

  2. mm, i may be getting the weekender.. but this was my first love from Balenciaga..and I kinda like that it sags. =)

  3. Hey, I saw a great book in the Tate Modern bookshop. Me In My Bag by Yi Ying Wang is a collection of snaps of people with their bags and polaroids of the contents. And it comes in a book shaped like a bag – how cute!

  4. oh it is lovely…i love this bag…..it is gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!

  5. It is a great looking bag. Does anyone know where to get it from?

  6. Ohhh..this bag, i can die for it!!! Balen is the most gorgeous bag at this moment i think..so u should go for it as soon as possible..

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